Rekaviður by Bristol Ivy


Rekaviður by Bristol Ivy is a straight-forward beanie pattern knitted in the round using DK yarn. This is a slouchy hat that using a unique and easy stitch (seriously–no cable needle or wrapping of stitches needed!) to create an allover smocking pattern.  You can buy the pattern from the designer as a download from Ravelry here.

We knitted this hat in Morecambe DK, colourway Walney.  This is a soft blend of British alpaca and Blue Faced Leicester wool from the North West.   For a very special hat, we have also knitted it in Pure Natural Alpaca DK.

Nordic Star Socks by Jan Malone

Nordic Star socks

These socks have been knitted in Cumbria Sock Yarn .  This sock/Fingering/4ply weight yarn is a blend of British alpaca, Blue Faced Leicester wool and nylon.   We used the natural, undyed yarn alongside the Pink colourway.  This pattern uses traditional Fair Isle motifs and is worked from the cuff down with unusual gusset increases and  a short-row heel.  The pattern was published by Vogue Knitting and can be found here on Ravelry.

Milfoil by CoopKnits






Milfoil sock in Poldale SIlkThis pattern has two complementary socks as the lacy patterns are reversed on the second sock.  This is a straight forward pattern with the lace instructions charted and written out.  The socks are knitted top down with a standard heel turn and Kitchener stitch to graft the toe together.   To buy the pattern from the designer on Ravelry, click here.

I used about 50g of Poldale Silk  and tipped the cuffs in some oddments of Whitbarrow in Spindleberry and Limey.  I wouldn’t recommend using Whitbarrow to knit all of the sock as the fibres are too soft and fine to wear well.  You could also use our Merino Twist 4ply, Cumbria sock or Somerset sock yarns.

Water by Sylvia McFadden

Water Shawl in Whitbarrow

This is a straightforward garter stitch shawl with lace inserts.  The shawl drapes easily around the shoulders due to the short row shaping.  I knitted this in Heron colourway of Whitbarrow Fingering yarn and didn’t block it too much as I wanted a smaller shawl.  All the current colourways can be viewed here.  You could also knit it in Somerset Sock yarn, Merino TwistCumbria sock yarn or Poldale Silk.

The pattern download may be purchased from the designer on Ravelry here.

Reagan by Isabell Kraemer

Reagan by Isabell Kraemer

Reagan is a lovely wrap cardigan you can throw on over casual outfits or your favorite dress. Feminine lace pattern combined with long sleeves and different styling options (see pattern on Ravelry for photos).  Yo may view or purchase the pattern from the designer by clicking here.

This pattern has an interesting construction.  The upper shoulder/back part is worked sideways back and forth in plain Stockinette stitch from a provisional cast-on. Stitches are then joined to knit the first sleeve in the round down to the cuff. Then the second sleeve is worked from the provisional cast-on in the round down to the cuff. After that body stitches are picked up from the long side of the back piece to work the fronts and lower back in Harebell Lace to the final length. I-cord finishing is worked last.

We knitted this in Alpaca Merino Light, which is a soft blend of alpaca and Falklands Merino wool.

Waiting For Rain by Sylvia McFadden

Waiting for Rain by Sylvia McFadden

Waiting for Rain is a lovely, beautiful garter and lace crescent shawl that uses an unusual short row lace technique.  It fits perfectly over your shoulders and drapes in a way which is very pleasing to the eye. It’s worked top down with lacey increases. The pattern shows the single colour version, but the Ravelry download includes a ‘Hacking your Waiting for Rain shawl’ PDF.  This includes instructions for how to do stripes, how to move or add lace panels, make lace panels larger, and how to do the fancy knit-on cast-off shown in the two colour version. To buy the pattern download from the designer on Ravelry, click here.

We used a 100g hank of Whitbarrow Limestone, Heron and Olive Lime to knit this three colour version.  To knit it in one or two colours you will need two 100g hanks.  Whitbarrow is our Fingering weight blend of baby alpaca, superfine Falklands Merino wool and Mulberry silk and is an ideal yarn in which to knit a supersoft, luxurious shawl.   To see all the colours available, click here.

Sous Sous by Norah Gaughan

Sous Sous in Thames DK

I knitted Sous Sous in Thames DK which is a luxurious blend of baby alpaca, Falklands Merino and mulberry silk.  The jumper has a boxy shape with loads of positive ease.  You select your size by measuring your upper arm circumference.

Sous Sous is constructed flat in two separate pieces before joining at the shoulders and picking up for the sleeves which are also worked back and forth in rows. Shaping row 3 in the Front creates the bias which in turn sets the shoulder shaping.

You can buy this pattern from the designer on Ravelry here.

Fernet Branca by Thea Colman

Fernet Branca by Thea Colman

Fernet Branca features a simple textured block motif, bookended by bold ribs and cables on either side of the body. On the back or front of the sweater, is a central spine.  Cables are both charted and written.  The sweater is knitted from the bottom up in 4 pieces (front, back, sleeves) and seamed at shoulders, underarm and sides. Seams are straight and simple.  We knitted this jumper in our Alpaca with Shetland aran yarn in Turquoise.  Although I really like the boxy shape of the pattern, I decided to lengthen it so I didn’t get a cold gap between the jumper and my jeans.

You can buy this pattern from the designer on Ravelry here.

Our Alpaca with Shetland aran yarns can be viewed here.


Cascade Caps by Janine Bajus

Cascade Cap in Merino Twist

We looked for a hat pattern which used as many colours of Merino Twist 4ply as possible and found Cascade caps by Janine Bajus.  The Merino Twist 4ply  yarn comes in ten shades and we’ve used five on each hat.  These stranded colourwork hats are knitted in the round using 3.25mm needles.  The pattern is for one adult size and you can adjust the amount of ease by varying the needle size.

To view or buy a download of this pattern from the designer on Ravelry, click here.