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The Fibres

Alpaca fleece


Exceptionally soft and light in a wide range of natural colours, we use both UK bred huacaya and suri fleeces in our yarns

Mulberry silk tops


Imparts a wonderful sheen to our yarns. We use tussah silk in our summery yarns, but our favourite is mulberry silk with its fine, long staple.

Bluefaced leicester fleece

Bluefaced Leicester 

Fine wool with a long staple makes it an ideal companion for our alpaca to produce a silky soft yarn. We buy fleeces from farmers across Cumbria and the Yorkshire dales



Their natural colours compliment the alpaca fleeces which are woollen spun to produce a cosy lofty yarn. We buy from local farmers who have a passion for breeding sheep with fine fleeces.

Bamboo fibre rs


Bamboo fibre is a cellulose fibre extracted from the pulp of bamboo plants. It’s a strong, smooth fibre with a lot of lustre and a long staple.  It’s a bit stiffer than silk, but softens up on washing.  It gives good stitch definition to our yarns

Cashmere 1


Even softer than alpaca, the downy undercoat is combed from the Cashmere goats each year.  The fibre is washed and de-hair to remove any of the coarser outer coat.  The majority of cashmere comes from Mongolia and China, but small amounts are produced by breeders in the UK, including our friends at LakeLand Valley Goats.