New Whitbarrow colours for 2018

Some wonderful new colours have landed here at Town End from the dyer in Scotland. They range from bright Ivy green to the more subtle Lady’s Smock. We now have 29 different Whitbarrow shades to choose from. This fingering weight yarn is blended from alpaca, Merino and silk and is perfect for knitting up shawls, scarves, lightweight cardigans and tops.

We have tons of work ahead, washing it all, winding it into 100g hanks and labelling up. Look up the Whitbarrow yarn on the products page & I challenge you, with that many different ones, to not be able to find a colour to get knitting with!


The tweedy bits in our new Alpaca with Shetland DK

This summer I bought some beautiful, crimpy, fine Shetland fleece from a local farmer. I’ve blended some of the fawn coloured fleeces with white and light fawn alpaca fibre and just sent it off for spinning. This is going to be a woollen spun almond coloured DK yarn with coloured flecks. The tweedy effect is obtained by adding lots of coloured nepps (or small felted balls of wool) into the fibre as its being carded. I decided to dye my own colours and here they are!

If this works well, I’ve already got plans for the next batch and the colours I’m going to use.